Step One – Creating the Drum Part and Sounds

Send us your music. We create a fully-customized drum set every time – whatever your song needs from the drums. Every song is unique, with it’s own requirements. Our drum tracks are relaxed, rock solid and groovy, created with care and attention by a real human.

We’ve been recording drums on records for a long time – we know what works, and what doesn’t. See Meet Your Drummer for Dylan’s bio and Drums by Dylan for examples, credits and videos.

drum tracking

Step Two – Recording the Drums

The right drum sound can have a huge impact on  your song. We’ve been collecting drums and percussion for decades, and can cover just about any percussive sound you can imagine. We have great recording gear to perfectly capture what your song needs, too.

See the Studio Tour page for videos, pictures, and more information on the studio and equipment that we use to record your drum tracks.

remote drum recording

Step Three – Import Into Your DAW and Finish Your Song!

The song is the star at Indie Studio Drummer. Working directly with you, we bring our experience and artistry to craft exactly what YOUR song needs. Once we’ve finalized the right part for the song, we upload the tracks to you, anywhere on the planet you are.


Do You Charge Extra For Percussion Parts?

No. Our flat fee is for providing the right part for your song, whether that means a drum set part with no percussion, a hybrid set/percussion part, or percussion only. The important thing is that whatever we’re providing is what the song needs.

What If I Just Need a 1-4 Measure Loop?

This is a pretty common scenario for us, where a producer might just need a snippet of a beat, perhaps based on an old record sample or something. The fee is the same, as we still need to go through the exact same process of creating the drum set, getting everything miced up, and recording the part. What we generally do in these situations is also send beat and fill variations based on the original loop, as well as individual hits of the drums and cymbals so you have a lot of options for creating your tracks.

What if I need revisions to the drum tracks you send me?

No problem at all, that’s part of the process. We offer two revisions included in the price; beyond that are billed at our standard rate of $120/hour. In almost ten years of tracking drums online, I don’t think we’ve ever had to go into a third round of revisions.

Do you create final mixes of the drums?

We will be sending a rough mix along with the individual dry tracks. The rough mix will have basic levels and panning applied, perhaps a bit of compression here and there, with the idea that you’ll clearly hear the part we intend.

If you need a great mix engineer to create the final mixes once your track is finished, please contact us and we’ll send you in the right direction.


Ready to go? Let’s record drums!

Have a question? Ask us!