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hard love album cover

Label: Atlantic
Songs: “Money & Fame” and “Great Night”
Credit: Drums
Awards: Billboard Top 200 #2
Billboard Top Rock Albums #1
iTunes #1


Album: Devil’s Playground by Notar
Label: Tyrannosaurus
Credit: Drums

Indie Studio Drummer - World Class Drum Tracks

Album: Johnny Socko by Johnny Socko
Label: Triple R
Songs: all
Credit: Drums, Percussion, Co-Writer, Band Member
Awards: CMJ Top 100 Albums
Heard on MTV Undressed


What makes rock drums different from other styles?

They’re bigger, louder, more aggressive. I use heavier sticks, bigger cymbals, louder drums tuned wide open. The parts can be laid back or on top of the beat, but they all share a rock and roll attitude.

Of course, rock drums can work perfectly in other styles as well – see “Girl on Fire” for a great example of big rock drums over an R&B song (that also happened to win a Grammy).

How do you record rock drums differently?

It depends what kind of sound we’re going for. A more classic rock sound might be the Glyn Johns method (three microphones strategically placed to capture the whole set), plus close mics on individual drums. A modern track would probably have more mics capturing the kit from a whole bunch of different angles.

Either way, we usually have more distant mics set up as well to add serious depth and size to the drums sounds (you know, how John Bonham would do it if he were here recording at Triple Colossal Studios).

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