Selected Videos – Film and TV

Selected Credits – Film and TV

banana republic drummer

Client: Banana Republic
Title: “Wishes Do Come True” commercial
Song: “Asylum” by Skidmore Fountain
Credit: Drums, Co-Writer, Band Member

valvoline drummer

Client: Valvoline
Title: “Valvoline Garage 140” commercial
Credit: Drums

Indie Studio Drummer - World Class Drum Tracks

Theme Song: Masters of the Mix by Just Blaze 
Network: BET
Credit: Percussion

eight crazy nights

Film: Eight Crazy Nights
Title: Theatrical Trailer
Song: “Dancin’ Queen” by Johnny Socko
Credit: Drums, Band Member
Awards: 12% on Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer


What makes drum tracks for film and TV different from other styles?

One of the main things about tracking drums for film and TV projects is the range of genres and styles that are demanded. Having a background in playing music from all over the world is a BIG help in these situations.

Another very important element of tracking drums for film and TV is the speed at which the final drums are due. The deadlines are normally along the lines of, “Immediately, if not sooner!!!” Working fast and efficiently is the name of the game here.

How do you record drum tracks for film and TV differently?

Due to the extremely tight deadlines involved, our studio is mixed up and ready to go pretty much 24/7. We have a wide range of microphones in place to capture whatever sounds are needed for the project.

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