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Studio Update! Ella Eyre, Galia Arad, Behr Paints

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Howdy, folks! We’ve been busy these months at Indie Studio Drummer recording drums for various beautiful artists.

Dylan Wissing played drums on “Home”, by UK artist Ella Eyre, with the awesome Dave Tozer (John Legend, “Love In The Future”) producing. The track was used in the show Grey’s Anatomy and will be appearing on her August 14th release “Feline”, on Virgin.

Dylan also tracked drums for another UK-based artist, Galia Arad. You can hear his playing throughout Galia’s album “This Is Lost“, produced by Riley McMahon (Spottiswoode and His Enemies). Galia is currently touring the UK and Europe supporting the legendary Jools Holland.

Galia Arad

Finally, Dylan also tracked drums for Behr Paints, working with composing house Human Worldwide. Production notes called for “Questlove playing with Robert Parker”, and the finished track was due just 90 minutes after we received it!

Dylan Wissing Drumming on Eminem’s latest #1 Rap Album, “Shady XV”

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Eminem’s “Shady XV” is the #1 Rap Album this week, and we’re thrilled to announce Dylan Wissing is playing drums on it! You can hear Dylan’s playing on the single “Detroit vs. Everybody”, along with producer Ken Lewis, playing old school breakbeats (which is becoming a specialty of the house over here). Drums were tracked at Triple Colossal Studios in one late-night, last-minute session, as these things tend to be…

You can listen to “Detroit Vs. Everybody” from Eminem’s “Shady XV” here!

The Great “Girl on Fire” Snare Drum Giveaway!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re extremely proud to announce an amazing contest in conjunction with Modern Drummer Magazine. It’s the “Great ‘Girl on Fire’ Snare Drum Giveaway!” We’re giving away the GMS Brass snare drum Indie Studio Drummer’s very own Dylan Wissing played on the Grammy-winning hit song by Alicia Keys, plus a whole lot of other awesome prizes from Sabian Cymbals (including the splash cymbal that Dylan used on the recording!), Aquarian Drum Heads, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, PureSound Snare Wires, Audio School Online, and Drummer’s Resource.

Watch the video for the Great “Girl on Fire” Snare Drum Giveaway!

Check it out, enter early and enter often!

A Year in Gear! Part II (Sabian, GMS, Aquarian)

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Besides recording non-stop at Triple Colossal Studios and writing and shooting Product Close-Ups for Modern Drummer magazine, Dylan Wissing also had time to become a proud Sabian Cymbals endorser, and to check out some beautiful products from his other awesome endorsers, GMS Drums and Aquarian Drum Heads.

Dylan has been using Sabian Cymbals since the early 90’s, so he’s definitely happy to be part of the Sabian family since July 2014.

Here you can see what the wizards at the Sabian Custom Shop are capable of!


Also, we were lucky to have the GMS Drum Co. vice-president Rob Mazzella drop by for a chat with Dylan on drumming, drums and why we have so many of them in here!


Finally, here’s a two-part video review on Aquarian’s awesome Modern Vintage drum heads showing why they quickly became our favourite, go-to heads here at Triple Colossal Studios.


Dylan Wissing is proud to endorse Sabian CymbalsGMS Drums and Aquarian Drum Heads  for his studio and live work.